Just A Heartbeat

… To point out the small fact that Son Of Sea is not extinct, or even dormant for that matter.

This morning I awoke, as frequently happens, buzzing with the idea of creating a “fake plastic tree” that scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere. I immediately started pouring over whatever scientific discourse I could lay hands upon, on the subject of photosynthesis.

Anyway, long story cut well short (probably for the best), it’s been done – albeit not the way I had envisaged, because I’m not a scientist and therefore lack even the most basic common sense in that direction – and, where was I?

Oh yeah, right well, as you can see I get easily distracted, and that’s why Son Of Sea appears to have drifted off into interstellar space.

I’ve not been idle though! Here’s a short timeline of the intervening months between the release of The Dreaded Green Bag and now:

c. 2010: Writing The Dreaded Green Bag and making a swag of videos.
Jan. 2011: Packed actual bags and moved to Greenwich, London.
Jul. 2011: Released said Dreaded Green Bag to a (whatever the opposite of a “buzz of excitement” is).
Aug. 2011: Made a fun little video with Danny Widdicombe in Greenwich park. It was completed on time.
Sep. 2011: Filmed another fun little video with Danny Widdicombe during brief trip back to Brisbane.
Jan. 2012: Moved worldly belongings across London in a small car.
c. 2012 #1: Delivered fun little Widdicombe video.
c. 2012 #2: Finished the last video for The Dreaded Green Bag (only a year or so after everything else was released).
c. 2012 #3: Filmed an overly complicated green screen movie in tiny living room. It’s still not finished.
Oct. 2012: Got stuck in Manhattan due to pesky storm.
Nov. 2012: Spurred on by force of nature Christian “Rascal” Duell, wrote 7/8th of a novel. It’s still not finished.
Jan. 2013: Moved worldly belongings to Melbourne, AU.
c. 2013 #1: Made a fun little video for Andrew Morris.
c. 2013 #2: Made another fun little video for Danny Widdicombe.
Jan. 2014: Started work on new EP for Steve Case.
Feb. 2014: Shot overly complicated green screen video for Steve Case which involved him hanging from a wire in my back yard. He was frightened for his life, and deservedly so.
Mar. 2014: Finished Steve’s EP.
Apr. 2014: Here we are.

I also learned to make Melbourne-style coffee and became an engineering student.

I also specialise in hostage negotiation.

And I’ve spent hours staring at the stars, figuring out answers to life, the universe. And stuff. That’s still not finished either.

But all this is naught but a poor excuse. New stuff is in the pipeline. My list of things to do for the year contains the entry “Two SOS releases”. Humpf. I’d better get on with it.


Ps. Reading this and have no idea what The Dreaded Green Bag is? Go here.